Thursday, December 27, 2007

Catching up on pictures from Destin...

Anderson with her penguin from Royal B's


Eating ice at Bud & Allie's


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Well, I got my new computer! I can now post pictures from my phone, but I can't find my cord to my real camera, so I have to either find the right cable or buy a card reader.

This picture is the only one I took the day of Christmas at Camden...Anderson, of course! It was crazy, and I was running around like a crazy person. The kids were so excited, and we were so glad that it was the last day of the semester!

These are the few pictures I took of Christmas on my phone. I took way more with my camera, so hopefully I can post those soon.

Slightly ridiculous, yes!

Rebecca was explaining how different Anderson's dirty diapers are now that she is finally eating baby food (peas for the last few days).

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yay for 60% days!!!

This semester has been crazy! My poor computer died (or has a bug or something...) so blogging has not been one my of priorities. I have been using a laptop from school and pictures won't load right, so I gave up.

Thank goodness that tomorrow starts Christmas Break! The kids are leaving at 11:30, and we get to leave right after them. I'll try to post pics of our Christmas at Camden project going on tomorrow morning. We have several companies that have adopted each class, and they are bringing a gift to every student at CES! This is our 3rd year to do this, and is probably my favorite day of the year! The older kids have it figured out I think, but we lied to them and told them that the wish list they filled out last month was just a survey for the high school kids' project. They might have fallen for it...we'll see tomorrow.

After I leave school, I'm off to shop. I have only bought 3 presents (and 2 are for Anderson!), but I KNOW what I'm buying, so that should make it easier. Unfortunately, the places I have to go are scattered all over town, so it'll probably take a while. My goal is not to have to get out at all on Christmas Eve, but I always forget something and am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (I always have to explain this expression to my students...not pleasant!). Oh well, we'll see... and rumor has it that Santa is bringing me a new computer for Christmas, so maybe I can keep up with my poor abandoned blog more often!

Ok, happy, Rebecca?!?!