Friday, April 13, 2007

Anderson's Room

Rebecca and I worked on decorating the walls now that the furniture is in. She still has a shelf to go above the dresser/changing table, but it's a bit heavy. We figured we shouldn't try that on our own. I believe it's going to involve drills and finding studs and such... That thing would probably cause some major damage if it fell on her while she was getting her diaper changed!!!

I love these letters. We found them on ebay. Here is the seller's page. They are made to order in just about any color, and you can choose from different hanging options.

The canvases were painted by Mary Katherine Segrest. She is SO creative! See her blog for her other creations.

Well, now all we're waiting on is little Anderson! She has so many cute clothes and toys. She even got a little pillow from a friend of Rebecca's. Rebecca and I still sleep with our little pillows. Our cousin, Mark, who is about 6 weeks older than Rebecca, used to steal her pillow and say, "Rebecca, I've got your pillow!" I can just hear little John Parker teasing Anderson the same way a couple of years down the road!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Catch Up

Well, weeks 3 & 4 we figured out that John Parker does not like the weekly photo sessions! Of course it could be that we keep waiting until late at night to take them...