Wednesday, September 5, 2007

world's worst blogger...

...would be the award I would get. Yes, yes, over a month, I know (as my super-blogger sister reminds me!). Of course Rebecca has a little more to blog about than I do. Everyone would much rather read sweet little Anderson's posts and see funny pictures of her than read about my boring life.

Let's see...we started school, my kids are well, um, I'll say "interesting" for lack of a more appropriate word (one has already gone to alternative school!), and I've been totally exhausted for the past month. We're talking major dark circles! I would show you a picture, but you all know by now (all 4 of you that read my blog) that I don't do pictures. Every year I keep thinking that I'm going to be caught up, feel comfortable with what I'm teaching, but they have to keep changing it up. I guess they want us to earn the big bucks they are paying us...ha. This year not only did they change the math framework and let us know that the state test (MCT) is going to be much more difficult, but I also have to teach health one day a week! This may not sound bad, but when I'm already worried about the math test and science test, and they haven't given us any curriculum, this means more time looking for activities! Leah, don't forget your promise to come talk to my class (maybe even twice!)!!!

Anyway, since I'm sure you're bored out of your mind reading all of that, here are some pictures of Andie and JP that I've managed to take. All of these are from my phone, so they are not great quality, but they are pictures of the cutest kids in the world! Enjoy!

Anderson had SO much fun at Mark & Amanda's reception!

Anderson & her cousin Erin watching "The Singing Bee"

First time in her exersaucer...that thing was in a million pieces!
Apparently, my phone doesn't resemble a camera, because John Parker actually smiled!

Okay, maybe he figured it out by this point!